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Top 10 plush Toy companies in 2023



The plushy industry has seen significant growth in recent years, capturing the hearts of people of all ages. From traditional teddy bears to quirky and unique designs, plush toys have become more than just playthings, and also expressions of creativity. In 2023, several companies stood out for their innovation, quality, and popularity. Here’s a roundup of the top 10 plushy companies that enchanted the world in 2023.


Ty Inc.: (Website:

Ty Inc. remains a stalwart in the plushy industry, known for its iconic Beanie Babies and an extensive range of plush toys. With their characteristic big, sparkling eyes and huggable designs, Ty plushies have been a favorite among children and collectors for decades.


Build-A-Bear Workshop: (Website:

Build-A-Bear Workshop offers a unique and interactive experience, allowing customers to create personalized stuffed animals. This concept has been a hit among children, who enjoy selecting, stuffing, and dressing up their furry friends, fostering a strong emotional connection to their creations.


Gun: (Website:

Dated back to 1898, Gun has been a trusted name in the plush toy market. The company produces a diverse collection of high-quality plush animals, including traditional teddy bears and licensed characters from popular franchises.


Jellycat: (Website:

Jellycat has carved its niche in the plushy industry with its irresistibly soft and quirky designs. From animals to fantasy creatures, Jellycat plushies have captured the imagination of both children and adults, making them highly sought after worldwide.


Aurora World Inc.: (Website:

Aurora World offers an extensive range of plush toys, delighting customers with their adorable designs and exceptional craftsmanship. The company’s diverse collection includes traditional teddy bears, cute animals, and licensed characters, appealing to a wide audience.


Lankbox Shop: (Website:

“I’m not fat, I’m thicc!”, a famous catchphrase quotaed by Justin. LankyBox is an American YouTube channel founded by the comedy duo, Justin and Adam, which known for their variety gameplays and notably, their zero budget remakes of well-known music videos and clips from various shows or movies. They love playing popular video games including Minecraft, doing hilarious parodies, cool animations, music videos, and more along with their sidekicks Foxy, Boxy, and Rocky! Their team turned the cartoon characters in their videos into plush toys, which are loved by people.


Manhattan Toy: (Website:

Catering to infants and young children, Manhattan Toy is renowned for its high-quality plush toys designed to aid in child development. The company focuses on engaging and safe designs that has made it a popular choice among parents and caregivers.


Squishmallow: (Website:

Squishmallow is a relatively recent sensation, gaining enormous popularity for their adorable and squishy nature. These plushies come in various animal characters and are loved for their cuddly and comforting texture.


Pusheen Corp.: (Website:

Pusheen, the chubby gray cat character, has taken the internet by storm. The Pusheen Corp. produces a range of plushies featuring this adorable feline, capturing the hearts of cat lovers and internet enthusiasts around the world.


Steiff: (Website:

As one of the oldest and most prestigious plushy company, Steiff holds a special place in the hearts of collectors. Known for its classic teddy bears and limited-edition designs, Steiff plushies are highly valued among enthusiasts.




The plushy industry is characterized by its creativity, innovation, and ability to evoke emotions in people. In 2023, these top 10 plushy companies captured the world’s attention with their exceptional designs, high-quality materials, and diverse offerings. Whether it’s the nostalgia of traditional teddy bears or the charm of quirky characters, plush toys continue to be cherished companions for individuals of all ages.


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