Aixini: Creating Safe and Joyful Childhoods

As the founder of Aixini, a US-based company, I want to share our story. As a father of two girls, my daughter Moana, who is two and a half years old, is a lively and adorable child. However, she has a natural sensitivity to allergens, often sneezing when exposed to other children's toys. Seeing her eager eyes, I felt compelled to act. Thus, I decided to personally craft a safe and lovable doll for her, one she could embrace, play with, and grow happily alongside.

And so, Aixini was founded. Our mission is to provide children with safe and joyful childhoods. Our products are not just toys but companions that accompany children on their journey of growth. Through our products, we aim to instill in every child a sense of love and happiness.

At Aixini, we prioritize the materials used in our dolls. I personally select each piece of cotton and plush fabric to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. We staunchly oppose the use of industrial waste or harmful chemicals, dedicating ourselves to keeping children away from any potential health risks. We aspire to offer children an eco-friendly, safe, and happy childhood, allowing them to play, learn, and thrive to their heart's content.

In a nutshell, Aixini is not just a doll brand; it's a story of love and care. We are committed to creating beautiful childhood memories for children, allowing them to flourish in the warmth of companionship. Because we believe every child deserves a safe and joyful childhood.

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